0x800704dd-0x90016 — Full Guide to Fix Windows 10 Setup Error

0x800704dd-0x90016 — Full Guide to Fix Windows 10 Setup Error

0x800704dd-0x90016 — Full Guide to Fix Windows 10 Setup Error

Microsoft giving out a free upgrade to Windows 10 from the older Windows version, i.e. Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 are tempting. But for an unfortunate chance, error code 0x800704dd-0x90016 follows the upgradation. This error stops you from proceeding with the installing process, mainly because of insufficient permission and the Media creation tool used for the Windows 10 upgrade.

How to Fix Windows 10 Setup Error 0x800704dd-0x90016

0x800704dd-0x90016 Error

There are adequate methods on how you can end the windows error 0x800704dd-0x90016. Below given are six of them. Keep attempting them one after another unless your problem is fixed:

Rectifying the 0x800704dd-0x90016 error: Steps and solutions

Method 1: Shifting Account

The first technique you can use to rectify windows error code 0x800704dd – 0x90016 is to proceed via another administrator account. Generate a new account if you don’t have one. Formulating a new account is not a challenging task, but the simplest. Beneath is a brief guide to assist you out:

Initiate by taking off to ‘accounts’, that you will find on the PC settings. The option of ‘family & other people’ is your next stop. Here, you will come across the option to Add someone else to this PC. Click on it and then select what you read as I don’t have this person’s sign-in

Then, continue with the ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account link’ option. Update your username and also, confirm your password and then click next. Your account will be created after this, and now, you can easily switch to another admin and resolve error code 0x800704dd-0x90016 at the first attempt.

To do so, again go to Family & other people. Go to the new account and change the account type to Administrator. After you have clicked OK, a new administrator account will be formed that you can easily switch to. Once you have switched, windows error code 0x800704dd – 0x90016 will be sorted.

Method 2: The Hidden Administrator Account

Try shifting to the hidden administrator account if the earlier attempt has turned you down by not being effective. This shall be it to stop your error code 0x80070 4dd-0x90016 issues. Windows come with a hidden account that upon usage may rectify the error. To launch it, go to the Windows icon and type cmd. Right-click and move on with running as administrator. Otherwise, type PowerShell, and rather than running as administrator, run with the admin.

Now you will have a command prompt window, in which you have to type net user administrator /active:yes. Launch the command by clicking on the enter key. Upon successful execution, you will know that the hidden account is enabled and is now accessible.

Install Windows 10 again and see if that is effective enough. And if it is, disable the hidden account by typing in the command prompt window again. This time, type net user administrator /active:no.

Note: This 0x800704dd-0x90016 error fixing solution works when you don’t want to create a new account.

Method 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

The in-built feature of Windows, Windows troubleshooting, is excellent for solving any Windows issue. Likewise, running it to help fix the error code 0x800704dd-0x90016 can be useful. Try running the troubleshooting for the error, followed by considering the setup tool to install the Windows 10 version.

Follow the steps below to run the troubleshooting program:

Go to Update & security from settings (in the Windows icon). Look out for troubleshooting options, under which you will have the option of Windows update. Click on it and then select run the troubleshooting button.

The troubleshooter process may take some time in detecting the problem. Please wait for it to be over. After it has been completed, a troubleshooter report will come up to your screen.

Method 4: The Clean boot

A clean boot to resolve windows error code 0x800704dd – 0x90016 is also a good strategy for ending the error that follows after installing Windows 10.

Below is a descriptive guide by which you can perform the clean boot.

To do a clean boot, first press the Windows R key. Type MSConfig and then click on OK. Select the services tab and then check the hide all Microsoft services option. On-screen, you will find an option of disabling it. Click on it, followed by selecting the startup tab. Select the task manager and right-click on it. Lastly, click on all the startup items and then click on disable all. To record your changes, click on OK and restart the PC.

Method 5: Switching off the Antivirus Protection

Although in a sporadic case, a virus can also be a reason for the popping up of windows error code 0x800704dd-0x90016. You can confirm this possibility and fix it eventually, by turning the antivirus protection off.

To implement this method, follow the steps below:

Through the Windows icon, go to settings- update & security. Click on Windows security and then on threat and protection. Check out the Manage settings option that you will find under Virus & threat protection. Turn it down and start your windows ten installation process again.

Method 6: Removing any needless external or USB devices

The final method of fixing the 0x800704dd-0x90016 error is removing any external device.

An external device can also cause the error since they carry a minor possibility to corrupt the installation process. So before you try to install Windows 10, make sure that there are no USB devices connected. In case there are, remove them and retry your installation process. See whether the error code 0x800704dd-0x90016 is fixed or not.

Conclusion on 0x800704dd-0x90016 Error

Above are six reasons for the occurrence of error and practical solutions to each of them. Enforce each method in turns until your installation process is succeeded- one of them is assured to fix the error 0x800704dd-0x90016 problem.


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