AVG – Free Antivirus Protection

AVG – Free Antivirus Protection

AVG – Free Antivirus Protection

I have been looking for a free version of AVG for some time but was unable to find one. Now that thousands of people are downloading this program it seems that it is spreading like wildfire. I think it is free to all Internet users to provide basic protection against the web. I installed on my desktop machine and find that it is working fine.

What is AVG

As AVG is a web-based application it downloads and runs in the background. After installation, if you choose to update it, this program checks for updates once a week. You can go to the website link found in the upper right-hand corner of the program and choose to update. This may seem like a lot of clicking and waiting, but as we are viewing these articles online it is faster to have the program running for free.

The AVG program will prompt you to update daily. Once you have that installed it works naturally in the background. The program is hidden from view until it automatically runs updates. All virus definitions are updated daily.

When AVG updates it not only downloads the virus database from the Internet, but it will also go through your files and compare each file for known patterns in the coding that could identify a virus. If the file is checking for the virus it will alert you and ask permission to either remove the file or quarantine it. Quarantining allows the file to be deleted permanently from your computer, but it will not delete the virus from your system.

AVG free download does have spyware and keyloggers providing you with information stored on your computer. These are non-Affiliate Links that are placed on your computer to receive your traffic. No Control Panel or Authorize Site setting is involved with this file-sharing program.

Does it provide good protection

AVG does provide good protection against most threats. It does have the advantage of running the program in the background, and you do not have to deal with the constant interruption and annoyance of the constant pop-ups. The updates are relatively quick as well.

Luckily AVG offers a downloadable version. If you are not computer savvy or just want to protect your children from inappropriate web sites and adult content you might consider this as a better parental control tool. The only thing to be aware of is that the software is not capable of removing spyware.

Other parental control tools don’t do much as well as AVG. Net Nanny is a good free download but doesn’t protect the computer very well. It only monitors internet activity from your point of view and doesn’t protect the computer very well.

There are numerous other free downloads available that are no better than AVG Free. These include VPN protection programs, spyware elimination programs, editors of web pages, etc. You can find anything from an incredibly simple system optimization program to an extensive program that performs a deep analysis of your registry, cooldown database, and other components of your computer.

If the multiple programs or pre-installed software programs bother you and they are taking up space or alter your computer’s performance. Then you should remove some of the programs and software programs that start automatically, especially any that were not optionally deleted.

Most of the programs that you install into the computer require activation. If any of these programs are not installed correctly or, the computer prompts you to uninstall them when they are installed, it could be a cause of your computer’s problems. You should either choose to delete them or at least disable the automatic start-up of these programs.

The easiest way to find out what is and/or isn’t a spyware program is to visit a common registry cleaner review site. The Most Extreme Task is a site that reviews registry programs and evaluates them. If you usually do this to review a certain brand of a registry cleaner, you should make sure to note any experience with the software, the reviews, and the cost. If something you want is out of the question, you should see more about it by reading reviews, then going to their review site, or by themselves, going to their main website, and seeing the user’s feedback.

By way of conclusion, please do not forget to read the tips for daily use. I have included this because it is directed to all computer users, beginners, and experts alike. Remember, prevention is better than cure, follow these tips, and you should be fine.

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