Fixing Ubisoft PC launcher (UPlay) errors

Fixing Ubisoft PC launcher (UPlay) errors

Fixing Ubisoft PC launcher (UPlay) errors

Ubisoft CONNECT or UPlay is a France headquartered multiplayer and communication service developed by Ubisoft to provide services and achievements offered by several other gaming companies. Ubisoft has several subsidiaries of which Ubisoft CONNECT is a part. While playing Ubisoft games, users can complete the in-game targets and achievements to build their profile points. These points help upgrade the characters in the game physically and purchase cosmetic items to improve their beauty. Ubisoft has released many world-wide popular games like the Assassin’s Creed series, which won the critics’ hearts with spectacular graphics and mind-blowing character sketch and picturization.

Even with such award-winning games released by Ubisoft, gamers face many bugs about PC Launcher. There have been several issues being faced by the players while playing the games of Uplay. Following are some of the most common bugs of the Ubisoft PC Launcher and the ways to tackle them:


SOLUTION: The error code 17002 in Ubisoft CONNECT can occur due to several reasons-

  1. The user is not logged in to the Ubisoft account.
  2. The player purchased the game from Steam or Epic Games, with which Ubisoft account cannot link.
  3. The gamer took part in a free weekend or played a demo version of the game no longer available.

To remove the error code 17002, below are some of the methods that the user can follow:

  1. The user shall temporarily disable the Firewall and Antivirus.
  2. They shall do an SFC Scan to fix the error 17002.
  3. They can do a Registry repair.
  4. The last resort would be removing the office suite and reinstall the product again.


SOLUTION: The error code 17006 is a very common bug found in the Ubisoft CONNECT games. To get rid of the error 17006, the player needs to delete the existing game files, clean the register, and download the latest version of the game from Ubisoft’s official website. They can also look for the option of reinstallation if the above method does not work for them.


SOLUTION: Users generally see an error code 17008 in the SQL developer and faces a low connection problem. The simple reason for the occurrence of the error 17008 is the poor connection to the database. Users usually need to reconnect and ensure that they have a good internet connection.


SOLUTION: The error code 17009 in Ubisoft CONNECT pops up if the user is not logged in to the official Ubisoft account or has not downloaded and purchased the game from the authentic website of Ubisoft. To solve this bug 17009, the user shall download the official and latest version of the game by checking the compliances of the software requirements that should be met up by the device. Other options could be to file a complaint or put a query on Ubisoft’s official site or reinstall the game.


SOLUTION: When a player receives an error code by the number 17011 while playing games on Ubisoft CONNECT, it implies that the disc space in the user’s device is insufficient as per the space of the game. The simple solution to remove the error code 17011 is to create and ensure enough space on the PC to accommodate the game and does not interrupt through different error codes.


SOLUTION: When the screen pops up a notification showing error code 17012 on the player’s device, it means there are some problems with the installation of the game. Players shall ensure that they should run U Play with Administrative Rights. If not, then they should reinstall the game again through the official site of Ubisoft. Then the bug 17012 would get away.


SOLUTION: The error code 17013 is very much similar to the error code 17013. To get away with this bug, the players should download the latest version of the game that has Administrative Rights of the Ubisoft CONNECT. Sometimes, this code even creates the need for the reinstallation of the game.


SOLUTION: The error code 17014 in Ubisoft CONNECT is a part of its early release. Many users faced the issue while playing games on U Play. This bug generally occurs due to insufficient space in the system, which creates problems in the game. While downloading or installing games through Ubisoft, the users shall take care of the fact that their device has sufficient space to accommodate them. Low disk space would create problems in the functioning of other apps and programs and reduce the software’s speed. Thus, sufficient space in the device is a common solution to many errors like 17014.


SOLUTION: The error code 17017 in the U Play games usually occurs when there is a problem with the user’s internet connection. Connectivity issues can arise due to natural gaming programs that lower the speed of the internet. Thus, the simplest remedy to the error code 17017 is to ensure a stable and quick internet connection for a vivid experience of Ubisoft CONNECT games.


Ubisoft CONNECT or U Play offers exclusive games to its users on its platform U Play and some third-party companies. The gaming service giant has a good reputation in gaming with marvelous games like Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Immortals, Hyper Scape, and many more. Ubisoft CONNECT has millions of users all around the world. The games provided by U Play have stupendous graphics with extraordinary seems like real characters that make them engaging and look like reality. However, the most important problem being faced by the users in the games of Ubisoft CONNECT is the errors and bugs that disrupts the smooth working of the games. Ubisoft is constantly looking into such problems of errors and is trying to reduce them to maintain its dominance in the gaming industry.


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