How to Hire Diverse Data Scientists

How to Hire Diverse Data Scientists

How to Hire Diverse Data Scientists

If you are looking to add some diverse tech talent to your Data Science team, then you are in the right place. But first, take a moment to feel good about your decision. Intentionally hiring tech professionals from diverse racial, gender, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds is an excellent thing to do that will no doubt make a profound impact on your company, as well as your local community and the larger tech community. 

Now, you may be wondering as to just where you might find qualified, diverse applicants. That is precisely the question that this article will answer. We will discuss a couple of great non-profit organizations that promote tech learning and tech careers for persons of color, specifically the Black and Latin communities. This article will also point out how to hire qualified graduates from coding bootcamps, which will help to serve as a means of hiring from diverse educational backgrounds.

The first organization we will discuss is Black Girls Code, which serves African American girls from the sixth to twelfth grade age range by teaching coding skills; it also serves as a way to empower young African Americans to accomplish whatever they set their mind to. 

The second nonprofit that we will highlight is Code 2040, which is an organization created to serve tech students, as well as tech professionals from the Black and Latin communities. They serve as a connecting point between the tech industry and these underrepresented communities who make up 15 percent of the tech population but serve in very few management positions.

Lastly, we will take a look at the new age of tech education. These short-term, intensive programs are designed to teach students in less than a year. These new data science professionals are well apt in all necessary programming languages and are industry-ready once they graduate.

Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code is on a serious mission. They hope to make a profound impact in the lives of one million African American girls by empowering them to never stop striving to become all they can be. Through Black Girls Code’s expert instructors, they are making strides to achieve that goal. Their instructors empower African American girls in the age range of sixth to twelfth grade by teaching them coding skills in Scratch and Ruby on the Rails. After the skills have been taught, they hold a “girls only” hackathon, where these “tech divas” compete head-to-head in app, game and software building contents.

Code 2040

Code 2040 is another racial equality nonprofit on a serious mission, with the goal of impacting the careers of 150,000 Black and Latino tech professionals. They do this by helping to dismantle any and all potential roadblocks in their way by pairing new tech professionals with more experienced tech professional mentors through the Early Career Accelerator Programs. This program offers guidance and leadership training to Black and Latino data scientists who are looking to break into management positions inside the tech industry.

Code 2040 also helps make an impact on the next generation of tech professionals through their fellowship program. This intensive summer internship submerges college and graduate computer science students in a prime position to gain valuable, hands-on experience at a top tech company in San Francisco.

Data Science Bootcamps

The days of earning a computer science, information technology or data science degree through a four-year university are coming to an end. These days, many new tech professionals are opting instead for a quicker option that teaches everything that is important to become a successful data scientist without any of the irrelevant fluff that slows down the process in a more traditional setting. Data science bootcamps are teaching their students everything they need to know to succeed in less than a year. This results in an excellent resource to find diverse, qualified and industry-ready applicants for your company.