How to Overcome a Damaged OST File

How to Overcome a Damaged OST File

How to Overcome a Damaged OST File

Outlook provides an OST file for storing offline working data. An OST file keeps a copy of all the mailbox data in the Exchange Server mailbox. An offline OST file converts to an offline OST file when the mailbox from the server is accidentally deleted, or the user disconnects from the network. However, in some situations, the OST file may not contain all the required information. Let’s see to overcome a damaged OST file.

When the OST file gets corrupted

When Microsoft Exchange Server becomes disabled due to a power interruption, the OST file in the computer becomes corrupted. You can overcome this issue by rebooting the computer. To do so, open the control panel and select Replication and Replication Configuration. Then look for the status of the replication controller and see if it is selected. If it is selected, open the Replace replication controller or Add a new replication controller window, and then click on the Next button. Choose the mailbox that you want to copy from the mailbox cache and then click on the Next button.

Click to select the mailbox from the computer and then click on the Next button. Click to select the folder to copy and then select the directory and the file name of the copy file. The directory and the file name can be entered in the text boxes. Click to set the replication method to use the local mailbox or the Exchange Server mailbox.

After all of this is done, click on the Finish button to close the window. You can also use the Disaster Recovery Wizard to create a new OST file.

When the OST file is successfully created, it is stored in the replication and Replication Logsstored on the computer. You can open the OST file from Outlook by clicking on the File menu and then select the OST file. One should copy the contents of the OST file into a new OST file. You can also create a new OST file from the existing OST file.

With the recovery enabled, you can also recover emails from the OST file. It can recover both the PST file and the OST file. However, this is a very cumbersome task, and it does not work always. It works when the OST file is large, and it can get damaged. The recovery icon looks very similar to the Restore option in Outlook. When the Restore option in Outlook is selected, the OST file is restored. You can also save the recovered OST file to a USB device or a CD.

If you face problems in the OST file, you can use the Scan OST orphaned items tool to scan the OST file and locate the orphaned items. These orphaned items can be restored by using the orphaned items tool. The OST PST file can also be restored using the scanpst.exe and the scan pst.grn tools. These tools are similar, and the same steps are mainly the same. They start by scanning the OST file using the Scan OST orphaned items tool.

Which tools available for fix

The tools are available to both Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019. The options and the steps are identical in both the programs. When the scanpst.exe is started, it will detect the orphaned items in the OST file. If the scanpst.exe is unable to detect the orphaned items, it will create a new OST file. You can use the orphaned items repair tool to recover the items.

If the OST file is severely damaged, you can recover the items by using the Inbox Repair Tool. This tool can only recover the minimal amount of data. If the OST file is corrupted, it may prove to be extremely difficult to recover the data. You may have to wait till the user finishes using the OST file till the OST file restoration process is completed. Even if the recovery process is successful, some data items might be lost, and you may have to create new ones. However, you can always try the last option which is a new data backup. You can create a new data file using the data bank messaging software after recovering the old data file.

Providing a copy of the messages in the new OST file is of vital importance. Difficult OST PST repair requires a copy of the messages in the new OST file. You can only recover the messages which were either deleted or damaged. Therefore, you can copy the messages from the old OST file to the new OST file.

If the user has been using a laptop or a Compaq Presario or something like that, they can always download the software called “Vendors Restore” which is a powerful tool and can successfully recover the damaged OST file. The software can help you recover all the orphaned messages efficiently. All the messages will be restored in their original order. You can also onboard the messages from the backup file.