Learning the Basics About Web Browsers

Learning the Basics About Web Browsers

Learning the Basics About Web Browsers

Anyone who owns a computer today and uses the Internet knows something about Web Browsers. This is the program you use to access the Internet and visit the various sites on it. If your computer is one that has a Windows operating system, you have Internet Explorer automatically installed on your computer to be used as your browser. This is no longer automatically set as the default browser so, you can choose a different one to download if you are not satisfied with Explorer. Most of the Web Browsers you can download online are free, which makes them popular to try. The most popular browser after Explorer is Mozilla’s Firefox. This was one of the first browsers available to use as an alternative to using Explorer and came with all the same features people were accustomed to using. A browser will include some type of toolbar that sits on the top of the screen.

Browser Features

The toolbar has various icons and menus you can choose to help make navigating the Internet easier. Most Web Browsers today can remember the sites you frequent most often so they can bring them up with just one or two letters entered in the field. Some other features you may see in a web browser program can include username and password management, security options, and data for updating plug-ins or other programs used by the browser. Most modern browsers today can remember my favorites so, you don’t have to type in your favorite sites every time you log in to a different browser. Some other features you will find in today’s web browsers include printing options, security options, and data for updating plug-ins. Each browser is different so, make sure to examine each one before downloading to make sure it has the features you want and need.

Download Browsers

When you decide on a particular browser to download, make sure to download the most current version available. Some browsers have a Plus version that has extra features. Usually, the plus version has add-ons that increase usage and comfort. For example, the Mozilla Firefox Plus version has many of the same features as the normal Firefox browser but with some added options. A plus version is handy but, if you want the extra features like Feed Burner, you are probably better off getting the full version.

How Browsers Work

It is the program that you are most used to when you use the Internet. This is the one that came with your computer.

The Mozilla Firefox browser is certainly one of the most popular ones but computer users like to have something new and cutting edge. So when Firefox was first released, people were excited about using it instead of the older versions of Internet explorer.

As exciting as Firefox is, it also has some drawbacks. One of its biggest drawbacks is the way to download and install it. It is not at all easy downloading and installing this software.

Firefox may seem like a cool download but it takes up too many resources. Another drawback is that Mozilla’s security system has flaws. And so, it may not be the best option for those who are looking for a new and fast browsing experience.

Internet explorer is still popular because it is speedier and usually has better security features. So if you are afraid of breaking web rules and illegitimate internet attacks, then you can safely use this browser.

Google Chrome is a browser made by Google. It is considered to be the fastest web browser due to its speed. Many web developers think that Google Chrome will succeed in Google Chrome as the best web browser for new computer users.

If you are sticking with the older version of the IE, Chrome will make your life more convenient. You will experience a faster browsing speed, less clutter, and all the things you are looking for.

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