Software Testing Interview Questions

This page contains frequently asked software testing interview questions asked in university examinations and job interviews. Click on each hyper linked question below to see the answer.

Software testing interview questions – Manual testing Questions:

1. What is Regression Testing?
 2. What is meant by Deferred? 
3. Which testing model is your company using?
4. What is meant by V-Model and Explain?
5. What is meant by Software Test Life Cycle?
6.  Explain Bug Life Cycle
7. What is Retesting?

8. What are different kind of bugs? Classify the different kinds of bugs and explain.

Software testing interview questions-Automation Testing  Questions:

1. What is meant by feasibility of application?
2. Which automation framework is your company using?
3. Explain about Automation Testing Process.
4. What is smart identification?
5. What is meant by ordinal identifier?
6. What is virtual object?
7. When do you go for automation testing?
8. Difference between Test Objects and run time objects
9. What is mean by Data driven, Keyword driven and Modular driven frameworks?
10. How will you retrieve the test data?
11. What is meant by Object Repository?
12. Difference between per action and shared action repository
13.What is meant by Synchronization?
14. What is meant by environment variable and types?
15. What are the methods and properties in Web button?
16. Explain about keyword driven and hybrid framework.
17. In how many ways we can add the objects in object repository?
18. What are different versions in QTP? And which version is your company using?
19. Write a script for excel object?
20. What is mid function?
21. What is split function?
22. What is checkpoints?
23. What is environment variable?
24. What is built environment variable?

Software testing interview questions-Domain Specific Questions:

1. Difference between Online Banking and Retail Banking?
2. What is debit and credit?

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