SysMenu.dll Error on Windows 10 — The Best Way to Fix It

SysMenu.dll Error on Windows 10 — The Best Way to Fix It

SysMenu.dll Error on Windows 10 — The Best Way to Fix It

Out of any other startup error, sysmenu.dll errors are most likely to occur in Windows 10. Sysmenu.dll is one kind of adware program that shows users advertisements on a visited web page. Advertisements that arise due to sysmenu.dll are boxed and usually have eligible coupons underlined or pop-up ads.

Methods to Fix SysMenu.dll errors in Windows 10

SysMenu.dll Error

SysMenu.dll error on Windows 10

Sysmenu.dll error windows 10 is a typical startup error now. The error pop-up determines that the SysMenu.dll was not found. Usually, the ones who recently upgraded to Windows 10 are most likely to face sysmenu.dll errors.

There can be various other explanations for the error, to which the resolving method is plenty as well. Using them may similarly help you resolve the missing issue of sysmenu.dll in Windows 10.

Method 1: Removing Sysmenu.dll

Sysmenu.dll errors may arise due to the scheduled tasks. Just how you may have guessed this, ending such tasks will help you out. To do so, go to the directory path from My PC. And then in the task directory, look for a Smupdate file. This Smupdate file is the main reason for sysmenu.dll error windows ten and hence, delete it right away. Smupdate file will be present in either the Maintenance or Multimedia folder. Use the search tab for more straightforward navigation.

Method 2: The clean Boot

Move to this, the second solution to fixing sysmenu.dll errors if the previous one had not worked out for you. Third-party startup applications can also be the initiator of error. Cleaning such applications will simultaneously help you out with sysmenu.dll errors.

Click Windows key + R, followed by typing MSConfig in the popup window that opens up. Confirm by click enter / OK. Now, a new window will come up that’s a labeled system configuration. Select on the Services tab. You will see an option to hide all Microsoft services. There you will have a disable button, click on it to disable the services.

After disabling, go to the Task Manager from the startup tab. In the task manager window, you will be opened up to a list of all start-ups. Right-click on every entry and select disable. Then, go to the System configuration window again. Click on Apply, followed by OK to confirm the applied changes. Restart your computer, and you will see that your sysmenu.dll error windows 10 is gone.

For those who don’t get the error anymore, there was a startup application creating the problem. And for those that didn’t find this method useful, move on to the following ones.

Method 3: Copy and paste the Sysmenu.Dll File to another appropriate Location

When a file is not located in a proper place, that can end up in sysmenu.dll errors. Removing the file and then saving it in its proper place is enough to resolve the problem.

Copy the files to the directories below:

  • C: Program Files (x86)
  • C: Program Files

A wrong location is not an extreme reason for the error, so check out further reasons and its solutions below.

Method 4: Ending a problematic application

It is also witnessed that some third-party applications are problematic enough to create sysmenu.dll errors. Most of the time, the applications that were recently installed are the actual problematic ones. How the problem suggests, uninstalling the applications is enough to resolve the error.

However, merely removing the application from the control panel is not enough. You also have to remove any registry files along with any related files entirely from the PC.

Over the Windows Start icon on the menu page, go to the control panel. Then go to the Programs and proceed with uninstalling a program. The screen that will let you change and uninstall a program will reflect. Select the applications that you want to remove. First, highlight them, then the option of uninstalling and change comes up on top of the program list. There will also be a guide, expected for everyone to follow.

There is a chance that the particular application you are objecting to uninstall does not appear in the list. In such a case, try using the windows feature on or off. The option to this is available on the left part of a programs window. On the control panel again, check out for Programs. Then go to the turn windows features on or off. To this, you will be asked for an administrator password (if set).

After the uninstalling part is over, it’s time to remove the file residues. Take complete care of why you remove a file residue as any complications may create a problem in the OS.

Method 5: Modifying the System Registry

The system registry can also be the factor of raised sysmenu.dll errors. If this is the situation, you will have to eliminate the SysMenu.dll entries in the system registry.

Press Windows key + R to open a Run Dialog box, at which you will have to type Regedit. Click on OK / Enter to open the registry editor. Over the right side, there will be Sysmenu.dll. delete the values of the file.

To find out the sysmenu.dll, follow the below: Starting from HKEY_CURRENT_USER, then software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, and run.

Once you are done removing the sysmenu.dll entries, you will see no more sysmenu.dll errors in your way.


From all the given five effective solutions, at least one of them will work out in your favor. However, there are more solutions to sysmenu.dll errors. Even an anti-malware scan will work out in a few other cases to combat the error.


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