The Top Five Tech Skills You Need to Land a Startup Job in 2021

The Top Five Tech Skills You Need to Land a Startup Job in 2021

The Top Five Tech Skills You Need to Land a Startup Job in 2021

The demand for startups is real in 2021 America. The culture of startups is enticing for its ability to make millionaires—and even billionaires—overnight, and legends out of the team that made it happen. If you are out job hunting the land of startups, then there are some skills you will need to have to land a startup job in 2021. As most startups in the US are tech-related, having some coding expertise is a must. There are five crucial programming-related skills you will need to know if you want to land a job in 2021. This article will serve as a guide to these skills and how to learn them.

Software Engineering

Software Engineers are the programming professionals who build the software that runs companies of all sizes, particularly startups. With new startups founded almost daily, there seems to be an endless supply of skilled software engineers. In fact, many tech startups are based around software they have designed and developed. Software Engineers who are skilled in all main software programming languages—such as C++, Java and Python—are vital assets as they can continue the development of a product without much supervision or training.

Full Stack Development

To make it in today’s Internet-driven world, a business needs a high functioning and good looking website. Having a great website is a vital digital marketing tool. There are two main components to building websites. 

Web Design

The first is the web design aspect, also known as front end development. This is also referred to as the “client-side” or the “user experience.” This is the part that the user actually sees and interacts with on the website. The user experience is programmed in the languages of CSS, Javascript and HTML.

Web Development

The second component is web development, also known as back end development or “user interface.” This is the coding that runs in the background and ensures that the information the user needs is accessible. The user interface is programmed using the languages Python, Ruby, Java and PHP.

Some programmers focus only on web development or web design. Others do both. These skilled professionals are called Full Stack Developers. Startups love these developers as they can build both the user experience and the user interface.

Mobile Development

Mobile Developers build all of those apps built specifically for mobile devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, and mobile-based computers like Google Chromebooks. This is one of the most important skills to know when looking for a programming job at a startup. Many tech startups are centered on mobile-based software products. If you stop and think about how much you can do on a mobile device, and how much information is so easily accessible at your fingertips, it makes sense that many startups are built around a mobile app. Think of Instagram and Twitter. Both companies are primarily app-based. In fact, Instagram started as a mobile app and it is still vastly used only on mobile devices. There are really only two mobile operating systems: iOS and Android.


iOS is the mobile operating system for all mobile products made by Apple. This includes iPhones, iPads and iPods. iOS developers build their apps inside Xcode, which is a mobile development environment that was made specifically for iOS development. Within Xcode, iOS developers use the programming language Swift, which is another mobile development tool made specifically for iOS development.


Android developers design and build all the apps that are built for Android-powered mobile devices such as Samsung and LG smartphones, tablets, Amazon’s Kindle and Google Chromebook laptops. As Android powers the majority of mobile devices in the world, mobile developers who focus on Android development are in high demand. This is especially true in the startup world.

Coding Bootcamps

Now that you know what skills are needed to land a startup job, the next thing you need to know is where to learn them. 

Coding bootcamps are the tech education of the future. Gone are the days of students taking on massive student bills for a higher education degree that does not guarantee a job or even a way to pay off the debt. Instead, many career switchers are opting to learn their new programming skills through coding bootcamps. These short, intensive programs teach you all the coding skills needed to break into the startup tech space in just 10 to 24 weeks. Best of all, there are online coding bootcamps that allow you to learn your new skills from your home and on your own time.