Activation Error 0xC004F074 — Top 5 Best Issue Solutions

Activation Error 0xC004F074 — Top 5 Best Issue Solutions

Activation Error 0xC004F074 — Top 5 Best Issue Solutions

0xc004f074 error code arises after updating Windows that becomes a barrier to proceed with the activation process. What happens after upgrading to Windows 10 is the requirement of activating the product. However, the 0xc004f074 windows ten error can pop up out of nowhere. This inhibits the user from activating the newly upgraded Windows OS.

When the KMS (key management system) fails to get contacted while the activation process is going on, 0xc004f074 error code is the next thing you see on screen. Another case in which you may see the same error is when the windows activation of KMS is prevented, any uncertainty with the KMS client and KMS host.

How Do I Fix Error 0xc004f074 easily?

If you are using Windows 10 and encountering error 0xc004f074 Windows 10, you can easily locate the product key in your Windows 10 copy. For those having the Windows physical copy, the product key should be on the card’s label itself that comes inside the box. Otherwise, check for the product key on the device sticker and power supply.

Also, there is a possibility that in the course of correcting error code 0xc004f074, you’ll require to recover the Windows 10 product key. You can easily recover the needful by going to the command prompt and typing the command.

Go to Command Prompt (admin) by clicking Windows key + X. Then, in the command prompt, start typing, and wmic path SoftwareLicensingService gets OA3xOriginalProductKey, then hit enter, and you’ll find the product key.

Error 0xc004f074 is also a common counterpart to those who download the Windows upgrade that is inauthentic, usually through a pirated software website. In short, an inappropriate windows upgrade can also be the reason for error 0xc004f074. Thus, downloading or updating anything only through the Microsoft ethical websites should be considered a priority.

Incompatibility sometimes can be the generator of error code 0xc004f074 as well. For example, when you unknowingly have a KMS activated on an older Windows version as that of Windows 8 or Windows 7, you may not be able to upgrade in Windows 10. Here again, the 0xc004f074 error can catch up.

In case you already have the problem raised on the PC, tackling it is the only way out now. But don’t worry, as resolving the windows error 0xc004f074 is not that hard as it sounds.

Steps and solutions to fix the error 0xC004F074

Method 1: Uninstall and then reinstall back the KMS Key

Try this first 0xc004f074 resolving method only when you have a KMSpico key beforehand. Uninstall what you already have to get a fresh one. However, before you hurriedly do so, you have to the steps below:

Go to the command prompt via administrator privilege and then run the command; begin by typing the below-given command. Lastly, hit the enter key, and it will start running.


The above command will also have a description coming along with it. The description is as follows: Windows(R) Operating System, VOLUME_KMS_WS12_R2 channel.

The next step is about uninstalling the KMS key that is already existing. To do so, type and run the command:

slmgr.vbs /upk

Now that you have uninstalled the old key, you can get a new one by the command:

slmgr.vbs /ipk <NewKMSProductKey>

Here, <NewKMSProductKey> is your new KMS product key. Enter your new product key instead of <NewKMSProductKey>.

Following your new product key is set, go to settings and then update and security to select activation. Your windows 10 system is installed without having your need to struggle with windows error code 0xc004f074 anymore.

Insert the KMS Key to fix 0xC004F074 error

Method 2: Updating the KMS Host 9 in Windows Server 2003

For those users still associating with the older Windows server version, you will have to update the KMS Host 9. Failing or unwilling to do so shall not permit you with the KMS installation in the PC, hence not resolving the windows error code 0xc004f074.

Check for updates here (later versions of Windows Server 2003, including Windows server 2013).

Method 3: keeping the calendar (date and time) of the system up to date

Because the KMS client and host can read the system’s date and time, the same thing can have consequences of error code 0xc004f074. Correcting the date and time is pretty easy. You only need to go to settings and then time and date. If you see that it is already updated, try other fixing methods.

You can also repair the lost time at the client itself. In this way, you will have to type and run a command. Go to the command prompt as the admin privilege and type: w32tm /resync.

Hit the enter key, and it will be executed.

Method 4: Activation troubleshooting and running the update

Here, you will run the update and then the activation troubleshooter. After that, upgrade the system.

To run the activation troubleshooter, go to update and security from the settings where you will find the option of troubleshooter. Select Windows update and run the troubleshooter.

It may happen that the error 0xc004f074 still comes around and is still not allowed to proceed with the Windows system upgrade. If that is the actual case, go to settings and select Update & security. From there, select activation and then troubleshooter. It will take a few minutes to complete. But when it’s done, restart your PC and try to upgrade the system again.

Method 5: Running the Slui 3 command

The fifth method of resolving the error code 0xc004f074 is by running the Slui 3 command.

Open the run box. You can easily do so by pressing the Windows key + R. Type ‘slui 3’ in the Run box and click on the enter key.

You will find a system product key in the operating system product key and note it.

There will be an option of Activation where you have to click. Restart your PC again, and then try to upgrade the windows system one more time. This method will help you get rid of the error 0xc004f074 then and there.


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