Software test plan

Why Software test plan is required?

Software test plan is required because the major stakeholders that involved in any project are:

1. Project Manger who manages and allocates budget to the project stakeholders

2. Business System Analysts who creates requirement specification document

3. Development Team who is responsible for coding of any project

4. Quality Assurance Team who is responsible for testing the project

5. Test Environment Specialist who is responsible for creating test environment

6. User Acceptance Team who is responsible for doing User Acceptance Testing

7. Project/Product Implementation Team who is responsible for deploying final product into production environment

It is important to have effective communication between all the stakeholders for the successful implementation of the project. This is achieved by knowing each other responsibilities and respective deliverables that they are responsible for.

Given the effective communication stated above, the onus is also on software quality assurance team as well to let every stakeholder knows on how Quality Assurance team is contributed from their side for the successful implementation of a product. Hence Quality Assurance team uses software test plan to formally document and shares with all the stakeholders to get their acceptance about QA’s responsibilities.

Software Test Plan Definition in Quality Assurance context:

The Master Test Plan (MTP) or Software Test Plan provides planning information for each test phase of the project, including scope of testing, testing approach, data needs, environment needs, and testing resources.  It also provides high-level scheduling input for project management and summarizes the testing processes the project will follow.  

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