0x803f7001 — Windows 10 Activation Fail Error [Solution]

0x803f7001 — Windows 10 Activation Fail Error [Solution]

0x803f7001 — Windows 10 Activation Fail Error [Solution]

Microsoft has opened up a new system activation method that is reported to be a better one. But with the new method comes the trouble of windows error code 0x803f7001 to some users. Earlier, when the Windows 10 era had not come yet, entering the product key was the only way of connecting the device and Windows OS. With Windows 10 OS, Microsoft executed the digital entitlement system, which is believed to be advantageous.

The advantage is that the 25-character alphanumeric product key is no longer the priority when you activate your computer with an operating system. The new solution is more like a straightforward one that directly links the digital license to the system hardware and Microsoft account.

When a valid license is absent while activating Windows on the computer, error code 0x803f7001 takes no time to show up. But there may be other reasons why it has happened.

Connecting the operating system digitally allows the activation through troubleshooting, no matter how big a hardware alteration happens. As a better perk, the same license can also be used in dual boot configurations.

Step by step guide to Fix Activation Fail Error 0x803f7001

If you didn’t know, a windows license is connected to the hardware of the computer. Let’s say that you have changed your hardware on an activated Windows 10 computer. And if that is true and you have changed the hardware, Windows will not detect a matching license to start the PC. This is the situation where your windows error code 0x803f7001 will show up.

In any hardware upgrade, such as changes in the motherboard, Windows instantly thinks you are running a different or new machine that is kept unregistered. Any differentiation in the computer components before or after will fetch the error 0x803f7001.

There is a possibility that the Windows 10 license key is unable to get activated online, so you run the slui.exe 4 to activate it via a smartphone. Any wrong input while you are doing it can also be a reason for error 0x803f7001.

A malware attack on the windows registry is also the cause of error sometimes. There can be a problem in the Windows Registry because of the Viruses and Malware attacks but other complications.

If you are using an out of date operating system, windows error code 0x803f7001 can be the earliest error you see. To this, updating the OS to a newer version is the only way out. Also, check the system drivers if they are installed correctly or out-dated. An out of date system driver or an incorrect set up of system drivers can also cause Windows error 0x803f7001.

Different steps or solutions to fix the 0x803f7001 error

The first thing you can do to combat the error is scanning any virus’s possibilities, i.e., Virus or Malware detection. The second thing to check is whether the Operating system is updated or not. If it is not updated, download the recently patched version from the Windows official store. If you see that Windows 10 activation error 0x803f7001 is still not leaving, try clearing the Windows registry.

Here are other reasons why and their solutions that will help you out with error code:

1. Rectifying if you have reinstalled the wrong edition of Windows 10

If you have installed Windows 10 for the first time on the computer and Windows error 0x803f7001 is repeatedly appearing, you will have to provide a 25-character Windows 10 product key. Otherwise, buy the digital license online. To buy, go to settings and then update & security. On activation, select the Microsoft store. The only authorized merchants that have a digital license for Windows 10 are Microsoft and Amazon.com.

Moreover, Microsoft itself will request you to transfer the Windows license in case of a hardware change via an exception path. To follow the exception path, you have to sign in with the same Microsoft account.

For the exception path, follow from Start, Settings, Update & Security, Activation, and then troubleshoot. Your problem, including error 0x803f7001, will be resolved. In case the troubleshooter doesn’t help, click on the link of reactivation that you’ll see right after the hardware change.

Anyone who uses a digital license will be asked to choose an edition they want to install. And as you may have already guessed, Windows 10 activation error 0x803f7001 will appear if the edition installed is not the one you are licensed with.

If that is the case, go to Update & Security from Settings one more time and select troubleshoot. The troubleshooter will then find out a Windows 10 digital license that is valid for you. Also, the troubleshooter will show you the way to install the right edition. Follow the steps to close down the error 0x803f7001.

2. Manufacturing error

Manufacturing error is the rarest reason for error code 0x803f7001. If the first time you face the error is on the first boot, a proper Windows 10 product key was not added to the hardware while manufacturing.

To confirm this error, go to the activation troubleshooter once again. This time, the troubleshooter won’t be able to activate the PC. So the best anyone can do in this matter is to contact the manufacturer.

3. A clean installation

Step to fix 0x803f7001 Error

The error 0x803f7001 may also come up when you try to install a Windows 10 on a device that had different windows built before. A clean installation is a prime requirement for this. You will be able to proceed with a clean installation only after the version is upgraded completely. Another method on how you can resolve the error 0x803f7001 is by updating the BIOS.

4. Didn’t get much time to activate

The activation server can also be busy sometimes, meaning the device will not communicate or get data from the database for the time being. Turning back to normal may take time and even days. However, if the server is busy for real, the error 0x803f7001 will resolve on its own with time. Thus, wait for some days and see if the problem is solved.


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